Recursive queries in SqlServer

WITH MeineGruppen(Parent, Subitem) as
— Base query
SELECT n_parent, n_lfdgruppe
FROM ugruppe
WHERE n_parent = 10625
— Recursive query
SELECT me.Parent, dm.n_lfdgruppe
FROM MeineGruppen AS me
JOIN ugruppe AS dm
ON me.Subitem = dm.n_parent
WHERE me.Parent = 10625
SELECT * FROM MeineGruppen ORDER BY Subitem

Tune up Forte´s Scene changes

Another experience when using Forte LIVE is the ability to accelerate the speed of the scene changes significantly by a small but effective switch: when a plugin is not needed for  a scene, simply set „No: Do not set plugin configuration when changing to this scene“ in the Scene Commands section.

New Keyboard – Live – Setup

It took me at least 2 weeks to recreate all the sounds of my previous equipment (Korg Kronos, Roland Fantom X8). But now everything is fine and ready to rock (to be exact: it already rocked last weekend :-)

Due to some herniated discs in recent years I decided to switch from 2 heavy synthesizers to only one laptop and a MIDI master controller:

  • HP Elitebook 2570p, 16GB RAM, 265GB SSD running Windows 7 64bitkeys
  • Focusrite 2i2 Audio Interface (connected via USB)
  • USB2MIDI Interface
  • Custom built Flightcase (Thanks to Jan Litterak)
  • Studiologic Numa Nano Midikeybaord controller (connected via Midi)
  • Brainspawn Forte 3.2 Performer Edition, jBridge
  • IPAD mini + TouchOSC (for Scene change) + TouchOSC Bridge
  • various VSTi Plugins

NI Kontakt with Brainspawn Forte

While programming a couple of different sounds in Brainspawn Forte i found out that, when adding instruments (from database, libraries or files) to a Kontakt instance, it´s sometimes very, very slow – about 2-3 minutes – enough time to take a cigarette ;-) I found out that this was because of the mute switch in Forte. It seems Kontakt tries to „MIDI-handshake“ somewhere with itself during this operations . Logical actually, but it takes about 2-3 hours of my lifetime ;-) Nonetheless: Forte is, beside some crashes during programming, incredible and does it´s job perfect! I´m looking forward to the next gig using this cool piece of software!

Optimize Windows 7 for Brainspawn Forte

Here are some optimization tips for Windows 7 64 running Brainspawn Forte 3 VSTi – Host.
My System: HP 2570p, 16GB RAM, 256GB SDD

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