Disabling email service for a domain in Plesk

I´ve just figured out that there is (or .. may be …) a problem with mailing, if the webserver (Ubuntu / Plesk) is a different one than the mailserver. The mails are simply not sent, because foreign mx assigns are not accepted. The trick is to disable E-Mail services for a specific domain:

  • Correct the DNS entry for MX records in the DNS manager
    Go to websites & Domain –>> DNS
    Modify the MX record with the ip of your (external) mailserver.
    (don´t know if this step is really necessary when disabling the services in the next step).
  • SSH login to the server and disabled the mail service associated with that domain.
    /usr/local/psa/bin/domain -u domain.tld -mail_service false 

That’s it

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