Optimize Windows 7 for Brainspawn Forte

Here are some optimization tips for Windows 7 64 running Brainspawn Forte 3 VSTi – Host.
My System: HP 2570p, 16GB RAM, 256GB SDD

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Turning off smart linking in Crystal Reports 9/10

In the Crystal Reports Database Expert, you’ll find that tables are automatically linked when you first add them to your report. You’ll find that this automatic linking often results in incorrect link lines being drawn. You then are forced to delete the incorrect links and draw in the correct ones. While Crystal Reports 8.5 and earlier allowed you to turn this auto linking option off with a dialog box choice, you must use the Windows registry in later versions. For example, with Crystal Reports 10, you’ll need to modify the registry key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Crystal Decisions/10.0/Crystal Reports/Database Options/DoAutoSmartLinking

Magento – Catalog Search Refinement

The Catalog Search Refinement Magento Extension by Activo is a very simple (free!) extension that makes default Magento search results more meaningful and relevant. It allows your users to refine their search when they use multiple search terms.

By default, when user enters multiple keywords in the search box, Magento will search for the items containing ANY of the search keywords. This does not make much sense in real life. Say, user tries to find some red shoes and enters „red shoes“ as their search term. Default Magento search will find everything that contains word „red“ and everything that contains word „shoes“ — i.e. all red clothes and all shoes in the store.

This extension modifies your default search behavior to show only pages that contain ALL search keywords. So in the example above users will see only pages that have both „red“ and „shoes“ in the product title or description, which is much more meaningful.

Compatible with: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7

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Windows Terminal Services Printing: Create or modify a custom printer mapping file

You can create or modify an existing custom printer mapping file to define mappings from client-side to server-side drivers on the terminal server.

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Finding the biggest tables in a database

One nice feature about SQL Server is the source code for system stored procedures, is readily available. sp_spaceused, which is a nifty little (master) sp that will tell you how big your datbase is, can be opened and viewed just like any other sp. I did some changes and voilá: run this small script to find out the biggest tables in your database.

Download Script: bigtables